Kitchener – Late today, the provincial government announced 2022 Budget: Ontario’s Plan to Build, which outlined significant investments in various areas of interest to Ontario cities and communities, including rebuilding Ontario’s economy and building key infrastructure. 

“The provincial government, through the 2022 provincial budget, is clearly focusing on rebuilding Ontario’s economy,” said City of Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic.  “From layoffs to economic hardship for businesses, so many people and businesses in our community and across Ontario have suffered economically during the pandemic, in addition to the tragic loss of life due to COVID-19.  I am happy to see the Province providing various investments for individuals and businesses through the 2022 Budget.  For our part, the City of Kitchener approved our Make It Kitchener 2.0 Economic Development Strategy to support local businesses, and we stand ready to work with the Province in kick-starting our economy.” 

The Province of Ontario is also making key infrastructure investments in Kitchener and our area by continuing its commitment to constructing the new Highway 7 between Kitchener and Guelph, and planning for expansions at Grand River Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital.

“Kitchener, Waterloo Region, and the Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor is an integral part of Ontario’s economic growth as we look forward to coming out of the pandemic,” added Mayor Vrbanovic. “These investments in stronger and enhanced transportation networks will grow the local and provincial economy, and expansions of our local hospitals, which are a long time in coming, will be critical to provide quality health care in the future for our growing and aging population.”

Colleges and skilled trades also received a boost, with the Province announcing greater investments in these areas.  Skilled trades shortages in particular are impacting various sectors of the economy, including housing supply.

“Conestoga College is a world-class post-secondary institution that attracts top talent from across Ontario and around the world.  The City of Kitchener welcomes additional investments in colleges, to boost our economy and provide rewarding careers and a good quality of life for our residents,” said Mayor Vrbanovic.




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Paul Grivicic, Chief of Staff
City of Kitchener


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