The City of Kitchener has implemented a policy that will require all active employees, volunteers and students to provide verification of full COVID-19 vaccination. Staff who are not vaccinated, or choose not to disclose their vaccination status, will be required to undergo education on the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination, as well as participate in regular rapid antigen testing prior to reporting to the workplace. Accommodations will be made for those who request a medical or other valid human rights code exemption. 

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have said our primary goal is to protect the health and safety of the Kitchener citizens we serve, and the staff who serve them,” said Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic. “As the provider of important citizen-facing programs and services as well as being a large employer, the City of Kitchener will continue to focus on making policies that always ensure safe environments for both residents and staff.” 

While the policy takes effect immediately, a phased implementation plan is in place to provide time for employees, volunteers and students to provide verification of their vaccination status.  

Staff will be required to continue following established health and safety protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19. All new hires will be required to provide verification full vaccination as a condition of employment.  

“This policy takes a fair and balanced approach to protecting our employees and patrons of city facilities,” said Chief Administrative Officer Dan Chapman. “We’re taking every reasonable precaution to keep our workplaces safe while maintaining excellent service to our community.” 

The policy is expected to remain in place for as long as the risks and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are present. The full mandatory verification of COVID-19 vaccination policy will be finalized in the coming weeks. Find more information at  


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Shawn Falcao 
Manager, Corporate Communications