The City of Kitchener’s Council-approved Vision Zero strategy is an ambitious project that aims to eliminate all serious traffic accidents in Kitchener and make streets safer for all road users.

As Kitchener’s population continues to grow, the City remains committed to its strategic plan goal of people-friendly transportation. The strategy aims to reduce the risk of traffic-related injuries and fatalities in the community by supporting law enforcement, educating and engaging the community, and finding solutions to specific road concerns in neighbourhoods.

Speeding and street safety are common concerns raised by Kitchener residents to councillors and city staff. In March 2020, city council directed city staff to develop a Vision Zero strategy. The long-term goal of the Vision Zero strategy is to eliminate collisions involving fatalities and serious injury for all types of street users including drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, transit users and people using mobility devices. The Vision Zero concept was first introduced in Sweden in 1997 and has since spread around the globe. 

The city’s Vision Zero Strategy is a long-term plan that includes, but is not limited to, changing road geometry, enhancing signage, pavement markings and undertaking educational campaigns. These strategies were selected based on data analysis. public and stakeholder engagement, background research, and the city’s strategic goals.

Vision Zero will collect traffic and collision data to track progress towards the long-term goal of 0 fatalities and serious injuries. This strategy will be completed over the next four years, with annual updates and recommendations presented to Council.       

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