Sustainability Awards

Staff was pleased to receive two awards from Sustainable Waterloo Region (SWR) at Monday’s council meeting. The city was recognized for achieving the Greatest GHG Reduction of SWR partners in 2017. The city realized a 17 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions last year through initiatives like our LED street light conversion, air conditioning reductions and lighting efficiencies at community centres and other facilities. We also received the SWR Partner of the Year award for our support of SWR and its programs like car pool month, TravelWise as well as the environmental movement in general.

Film, Music and Interactive Media Office

Council gave staff the go-ahead to launch a film, music and interactive media office for a two year pilot that will provide focused industry development services meant to grow jobs and business opportunities in these sectors. In addition to delivering services and programs for entrepreneurs and laying a foundation to support growth in these industries, staff will also spend time working with regional stakeholders and partners to develop a collaboration model that would advance the film, music and interactive media industry region-wide on an ongoing basis. Read more in the staff report that went to committee on April 9.

Community Environmental Improvement Grants

Council approved $11,000 in funding for five local projects through the Community Environmental Improvement Grant (CEIG) program. The CEIG program is meant to foster a sense of environmental stewardship throughout our city, and assist these organizations, associations or groups working toward building a cleaner, healthier more environmentally sustainable city. Visit for more information about the CEIG grant program and a listing of programs that have received funding.

Community Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target

Council also endorsed a community greenhouse gas emission reduction target of 80 per cent below 2010 levels by 2050. This target was selected based on scientific evidence as well as community consultation and aligns with the provincial government’s emission reduction targets of 80 per cent below baseline levels by 2050. Other communities within southern Ontario have identified similar targets. Details can be found in the staff report presented to the planning and strategic initiatives committee on April 9.