Council approves staff recommendations for 2019 traffic calming reviews

Tonight, Kitchener City Council approved traffic calming reviews for the following roadways: 

  • • Holborn Drive between River Road and Shaftsbury Drive 
  • • Deer Ridge Drive; and, 
  • • Robert Ferrie Drive between South Creek Drive and Doon South Drive

Transportation Services staff receive traffic calming requests from residents and council and currently have a list of 30 roadways that fall within the criteria for traffic calming. On an annual basis, staff review this list and consider speed, traffic volume, collisions and safety factors, in addition to budget, before putting forward the year’s traffic calming priorities. 

Through traffic calming, staff hope to reduce vehicle speeds, deter non-residential traffic and reduce the incidence of collisions, with the goal of increasing safety for residents.

In addition to this program, staff also use other methods to address some of the issues related to traffic calming including seasonal flexipole delineators, painted crosswalks, roadway painting and more. Staff also work with residents to assist them with generating and implementing ideas on how to make the roadways feel safer in their neighbourhood.

Read more in staff report DSD-19-044.


For more information:

Nicole Amaral
Interim Communications Director
Communications and Marketing | City of Kitchener
519-741-2200 x 7861