Special Council – Strategic Session

Kitchener Council convened for a Special Council meeting today to participate in a strategic session to provide input on developing the 2019-2022 City of Kitchener Strategic Plan’s areas of focus. See report CAO-19-022.

After extensive consultation with the community, council, advisory committee and other key stakeholders, staff identified five themes which reflect the broad consensus of stakeholders. These themes and draft goal statements were presented to Council for discussion and feedback: 

  • Environmental Leadership  
    • Promote a healthy and livable community by leading efforts to achieve greenhouse gas reductions, improvements to green infrastructure, and resiliency to climate change.
  • Growing Economy  
    • Build a globally competitive and dynamic city by diversifying our economy and making strategic investments to create good jobs, economic prosperity and a vibrant community.
  • Safe Transportation  
    • Transform the City’s transportation network by ensuring that it is safe, comfortable, convenient and affordable for all users regardless of age, ability or economic status.
  • Caring Community  
    • Foster a more inclusive community by partnering with others to make housing more affordable, increase mental health and addiction supports, and better engage and serve the full diversity of our community.
  • Customer Service   
    • Increase resident satisfaction, trust and engagement with their municipal government by providing positive customer experiences that are friendly, easy and convenient.

Action items will be developed and accompany each of these areas of focus and goal statements, which will be measured using SMART criteria. See Appendix A, for example action items presented to council today.

Council provided feedback on the themes, preliminary goal statements and example actions, and staff will consider this input as they continue development on the strategic plan.

Residents and stakeholders are encouraged to participate in community engagement starting in April 2019. Register on Engage Kitchener and be notified when public engagement begins.


In August 2018, the Compass Kitchener advisory committee presented council with community priorities for 2019-2022, which identified the areas of environment, economic, social and organizational excellence as priorities.   

Additional consultation has since taken place with over 150 staff to obtain their input on priorities. The Corporate Leadership Team has also established a 25-member corporate-wide strategic plan staff team to support them in developing goals and actions that will respond to community priorities and other emerging issues and opportunities. The CAO has met individually with council members to gain insight on their priorities and areas of interest. Staff have also reviewed the external environment to be aware of trends and challenges that that may affect the city.  


Nicole Amaral

Interim Communications Director | Communications and Marketing | City of Kitchener
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