Annual School Safety Review

Each year, staff provides council with a report summarizing the results of their annual school safety review. This report outlines any new or revised crossing/guard locations, school related signage changes, and any changes to bylaws or legislation. Council approved the recommendations outlined in the report, which include:

  • An additional crossing guard at the intersection of Fairway Road North and Lackner Boulevard to assist students crossing to get to Chicopee Hills Public School and a new crossing guard at both Westmount Public School (crossing Glasgow Street) and Lackner Woods Public School (crossing Zeller Drive).
  • New parking regulations around Sunnyside Public School and the new Janet Metcalfe Public School as well as a reduced speed limit near Janet Metcalfe Public School to be consistent with all other school zones.
  • Installing a new pedestrian crossing at King Edward Public School to assist students crossing the roadway that separates the school and the playground.
  • Contributing an additional $5,085/year for two years to help fund two new shared school travel planner positions. This would allow the review of an additional four-five Kitchener schools and enhanced communications efforts to encourage students to choose active transportation methods.
  • Endorsing the use of the School Crossing Guard Guide developed by the Ontario Traffic Council to review existing and future potential crossing guard locations.
  • Council also approved a motion directing staff to be on site at the Fischer Hallman Road and Seabrook Drive roundabout during the first week of school to help educate students about crossing the roundabout safely as well as conduct a review to determine what measures could be implemented to help pedestrians safely navigate the roundabout.

Recommendations requiring new funding will be referred to the 2019 budget process.

LRT Crossing – Traynor/Vanier area

Council approved in principle the acquisition of land that would allow for a pedestrian crossing of the ION Light Rapid Transit tracks connecting residents living in the Traynor /Vanier neighbourhood to services and amenities along Fairway Road. The region is currently developing a design for the crossing. Staff will bring back a report to the Sept. 10 committee meeting identifying possible immediate funding options.    

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