KITCHENER – The City of Kitchener already has 35 community gardens—and we’d love to see more! Through Love My Hood’s Community Gardens Grant program, the city plans to build one to three new gardens each year.

The grant application deadline for 2019 gardens is June 1, 2018. Residents interested in starting their own community garden can access tools and resources at, including a step-by-step guide to get started, along with the grant eligibility criteria and the application form.

Community gardens play an important role in neighbourhood life. They bring people together from all cultures and backgrounds, offer a place to build lasting relationships with neighbours, and provide a sense of belonging.

“We love to see so much diverse interest in gardens. Being part of a community garden is a great opportunity for people to grow their own food, make intergenerational connections and learn from each other,” said Josh Joseph, supervisor of the neighbourhood development office.

In 2018, the city is building community gardens at Gildner Green, Henry Sturm Greenway and within the King East / Auditorium neighbourhood.

Beginning with these new locations, the city is also piloting an insurance program for gardens and individual gardeners on city-owned land. Insurance allows residents to take the lead on garden projects and ongoing garden maintenance. 

The new community gardens program has been endorsed by the Community Garden Council of Waterloo Region. They are an important partner on this initiative.

Community gardens were among the most requested items by residents in the development of Kitchener’s neighbourhood strategy. Love My Hood encourages residents to take the lead in making their neighbourhood great, and the city is committed to supporting them along the way.