(Pursuant to the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.P. 13, as amended,
and Ontario Regulations 197/96 and 200/96, as amended)

TAKE NOTICE THAT the Committee of Adjustment for the City of Kitchener will meet electronically TUESDAY, December 8, 2020 commencing at 10:00 a.m. for the purpose of hearing the following applications for Minor Variance and/or Consent. Due to COVID-19, City Hall is currently open by appointment only, Applicants or Agents must register to participate electronically in support of the application. This is a public meeting, anyone having an interest in any of these applications may register to participate electronically as a delegation or submit comments for Committee consideration. If you wish to register, please email or via phone at 519-741-2203. Please note this electronic meeting is a public meeting and will be recorded.


A 2020-103 - 840 Stirling Avenue South
Permission to construct a roof over a rear yard basement entrance on an existing duplex having a rear yard setback for the covered entrance of 6.508m rather than the required 7.5m.

A 2020-104 - 114 Peach Blossom Crescent
Permission to construct a sunroom in the rear year of an existing single detached dwelling having a rear yard setback of 6m rather than the required 7.5m.

A 2020-105 - 39 Water Street North
Permission to legalize an existing lodging house having a northerly side yard setback of 0.76m rather than the required 1.2m; a front yard setback of 2.1m rather than the required 3m; a separation distance of 250m from another lodging house whereas the By-law requires a separation distance of 400m; and, to permit a lodging house having 68.75m of Gross Floor Area (GFA) devoted to lodging units to have 2 off-street parking spaces rather than the required 3 off-street parking spaces.

A 2020-106 - 1031 Victoria Street North
Permission to convert the existing building into a gym and retail use in a C-6 Zone, where as the By-law does not currently permit a “retail” use in the C-6 Zone; and, to have a parking rate of 1 space/per 33 sq.m. whereas the By-law requires 1 space/per 20 sq.m.

A 2020-107 - 236 Margaret Avenue
Permission to convert an existing mixed-used building into a multi-residential dwelling containing 14-units having stairs located 0.18m within the side yard rather than the required 0.75m; a parking ratio of 0.6 parking spaces/per unit rather than the required 1.25 parking spaces/per unit; having 10% visitor parking spaces rather than the required 15%; and, to permit dwelling units on the ground floor whereas the By-law does not permit dwelling units on the ground floor.

B 2020-045 - 145-155 Ann Street
Permission to sever a parcel of land municipally addressed as 155 Ann Street having a width of 17.748m, a depth of 50.103m and an area of 898 sq.m. The retained land municipally addressed as 145 Ann Street will have a width of 30.232m, a depth of 50.633m and an area of 1528 sq.m. The properties were previously separate and were merged on title.

B 2020-046 - 50 Fifth Avenue
Permission to sever a parcel of land having a width of 7.83mm, a depth of 40.32m and an area of 315.89sq.m. The retained land will have a width of 7.83m, a depth of 40.32m and an area of 315.89 sq.m. The severed and retained lots are intended for semi-detached dwellings.

B 2020-047 - 50 Brookside Crescent
Permission to sever a parcel of land on the westerly edge of the property (future municipal address 52-54 Brookside Crescent), having an approximate width of 16.2m, a depth of 33.5m and an area of 542.7 sq.m. The retained land will be irregular in shape having an approximate width of 35m, a depth of 43.5m and an area of 1523 sq.m. The severed lot is intended for a semi-detached dwelling.

B 2020-048 - 53 Candle Crescent
Permission to grant an “L” shaped easement having a width of 1.2m, a depth of 31.179m and an area of 37.4 sq.m. in favour of 55 Candle Crescent as outlined on the plan submitted with the application, for access purposes.

• additional information is available at the Legislated Services Department, 2nd Floor, City Hall, 200 King Street West, Kitchener (519-741-2200 ext.7594).
• copies of written submissions/public agencies' comments are available on Friday afternoon prior to the meeting on the City of Kitchener website in the online Council and Committee calendar; see the meeting date for more details.
• anyone having an interest in any of these applications may attend this meeting.
• a person or public body that files an appeal of a consent decision of the Committee of Adjustment must make written submissions to the Committee before the Committee gives or refuses to give a Provisional Consent otherwise the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) may dismiss the appeal.
• any personal information received in relation to this meeting is collected under the authority s. 28(2) of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.13, and will be used by the City of Kitchener to process Committee of Adjustment applications. Questions about the collection of information should be directed to Holly Dyson at
• if you wish to be notified of a decision you must make a written request to the Secretary-Treasurer, Committee of Adjustment, City Hall, 200 King St. W., Kitchener ON, N2G 4G7; this request also entitles you to be advised of a possible Local Planning Appeal Tribunal hearing; even if you are the successful party you should make this request as the decision could be appealed by the applicant or another party.

Dated the 20th day of November, 2020.

Dianna Saunderson
Committee of Adjustment