There are several ‘1 Million March 4 Children’ events planned on September 20 in locations across Canada, including one in Kitchener, in front of City Hall. A group in support of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community has planned a concurrent counter-demonstration event at the same time.

While the City recognizes people’s Charter-protected right to organize and protest in public spaces, Kitchener City Council stands by our 2SLGBTQIA+ community members, especially queer youth who may be strongly impacted by these demonstrations. 

We believe all residents have the right to live in safety, be true to themselves and live free of harassment and hate. The promotion of anti-2SLGBTQIA+ hatred and violence has no place in our community and will not be tolerated.

No member of our community should ever feel targeted because of their gender identity or sexual orientation, race, religion, nationality, age or background. Security, By-law and police will be present during the demonstrations to ensure a safe environment for all.

The City of Kitchener is intentional in our work as 2SLGBTQIA+ allies. We support the diversity of our residents and employees through inclusive programming (e.g. Be U swim program), grants (e.g. RISE Fund), and gender-inclusive and welcoming facilities and customer service. We also embed equity into our work and culture through equity-focused policies and training for staff and Council.

To residents, staff, City Hall tenants and visitors who identify as 2SLGBTQIA+, we support you and you are always welcome in Kitchener. 

Mayor Berry Vrbanovic,
on behalf of Kitchener Council and the City of Kitchener