KITCHENER - The City of Kitchener has declared a snow event. Residents have until 11:59 p.m. Feb. 22, 2023, to remove their parked cars from city streets. 

The parking ban will remain in effect for 24 hours. Overnight parking exemptions are cancelled to allow for snow clearing.      

During a snow event, the City's tag-and-tow process takes effect. Residents are prohibited from parking their cars on City streets at any time when a snow event has been declared by the City. The ticket for parking on the street during a snow event is $80. Vehicles can also be towed if a snow operator is unable to get down a City street and contacts enforcement staff on patrol.   

Sign up to be notified when a snow event has been declared, cancelled or extended, and get a link to the Getting Around online map, or follow the City of Kitchener’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.  

For more information about snow events visit or call our Corporate Contact Centre at 519-741-2345. 


For more information: 

Bethany Rowland 
Director, Corporate Communications