A snow event was declared on Thursday, Feb. 17 based on credible weather forecast information. This snow event has now been extended until 11:59 p.m. tonight; Friday, Feb. 18, so staff can complete a full plow of the city.  

During a snow event, the City's tag-and-tow process takes effect. Residents are prohibited from parking their cars on City streets at any time when a snow event has been declared by the City. The ticket for parking on the street during a snow event is $80. Vehicles can also be towed if a snow operator is unable to get down a City street and contacts enforcement staff on patrol.    

Notification will be given in advance of that time as to whether or not the City will cancel the snow event or extend it again. That decision will be made based on weather conditions and credible forecasts.

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For more information about snow events visit www.kitchener.ca/snow or call our Corporate Contact Centre at 519 741-2345.


For more information:

Shawn Falcao
Manager, Corporate Communications