Ottawa – Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic and Canada's Big City Mayors Caucus (BCMC) met today with Federal Ministers to discuss priorities for Canada’s cities in the lead up to the 2024 Budget.  Topics that were discussed included infrastructure, housing, homelessness and the impacts of climate change. Mayor Vrbanovic also took the opportunity to meet with some area MP’s while in Ottawa. 

“Housing across the continuum and the infrastructure needed to enable housing, is critical for our growing communities,” said City of Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic. “Kitchener and municipalities across the country are doing our part to accelerate housing including streamlining permit approvals and developing new zoning and development solutions to build housing faster.” 

For the past decade, municipalities have relied on infrastructure funding to support growth and are awaiting the next round of funding to succeed the Canada Community Infrastructure Fund. More housing cannot be built without supporting community infrastructure, and Kitchener continues to advocate for a flexible, federal-provincial infrastructure commitment.  

"From the moment our residents wake up every day to the moment they go to bed at night, our communities count on infrastructure such as clean water, wastewater treatment, transit, and community facilities,” said Mayor Vrbanovic. “We bear major costs for maintenance and growth, yet municipalities do not have the financial tools that grow with the economy, that other levels of government have to fund this critical infrastructure. We can’t keep doing this with just 8 to 12 cents of every tax dollar collected.”  

Kitchener joins the Mayors of Canada’s 23 BCMC cities in calling on the federal government to work with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to enhance its commitment to building strong cities by investing in the infrastructure required.  This includes a commitment to develop a new Municipal Growth Framework, that will build a country that is more affordable, sustainable and prosperous.  

The City of Kitchener stands ready to continue working with all orders of government to ensure that our community has the infrastructure needed to enable housing and for a strong Kitchener and a stronger Canada. 

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) unites more than 2,100 local governments at the national level, representing more than 92 per cent of Canadians in every province and territory. 

Federation of Canadian Municipalities media release

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