Kitchener - This afternoon, federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau delivered a federal budget that is a positive vote of confidence in local governments and the relationship that has been built up between Canada’s cities and communities and Ottawa.  With well over $3 billion dollars being directly delivered to the municipal sector, this budget is about the federal government working directly with Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and local governments to deliver cost-effective results for Canadians.

“Today’s budget is a significant turning point for cities and communities across Canada, like the City of Kitchener,” said Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic.  “This budget is clearly about elevating the municipal-federal partnership and demonstrating how local governments across this country and Ottawa can work together to build better lives for Canadians.” 

Budget 2019 reflects the federal government’s confidence in the municipal sector’s ability to deliver cost-effective outcomes for Canadians and trust in FCM – an organization designed and built by local governments.

“In a post-budget statement, FCM President Vicky-May Hamm stated, “Municipalities are the order of government closest to Canadians’ daily realities. From our unique position, we know what’s needed on the ground – and we deliver cost-effective solutions that work. That’s why local governments are vital partners in achieving a wide range of federal objectives.”

Budget highlights that impact the municipal sector include:

  • • $2.2 billion in one-time, additional gas tax funding to municipalities in 2018-2019 for a wide range of important infrastructure projects ranging from roads to recreational facilities
  • • $1.01 billion to the FCM Green Municipal Funds (GMF) to provide cities and communities with loans and grants focused on greater energy efficiency
  • • Up to $1.7 billion over 13 years for a new MR_COK_2019FederalBudget
  • Reaching Home, a new $2.2 billion program will launch on April 1, 2019 to reduce and prevent homelessness.

The expansion of FCM’s program delivery through the Green Municipal Funds (GMF) builds on a Canadian success story. Since 2000, FCM’s GMF has financed more than 1,250 local sustainability initiatives, preserving every dollar of federal capital and ensuring it is delivered directly to municipalities. These projects have cut 2.5 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions  – the equivalent of taking 571,000 cars off the road – while creating good jobs and more livable communities.

“For families across the country, building on GMF’s proven success will mean everything from tools to make their homes more efficient and affordable, to energy-efficient new recreation centres in our cities and communities, added Mayor Vrbanovic.  

“Today’s budget also charts a path toward a modernized federal-municipal relationship which allows federal and local leaders to get more done for the people we serve.”


For more information:

Mayor Berry Vrbanovic

Nicole Amaral
Interim, Director of Communications