Local City Mayors, the Regional Chair and our CAOs, met with the Chief of Police and senior officers to be briefed about possible protests against COVID-19 restrictions across our region.  

Citizens always have the right to gather in peaceful protest, and we have seen many protests and marches in our cities over the past few years. 

Regardless of what citizens are protesting, there is never an excuse for hate-filled symbols, words or actions. When protesters corrupt the meaning of ‘freedom’ to create a safe space where racism, hate and gender-based aggression cause deliberate harm to racialized community members and other identifiable groups, it must be condemned without hesitation. We are hopeful that we do not see the same reprehensible behaviour during protests in Waterloo Region as we have seen in other areas. 

We are in support of Waterloo Regional Police Service and our community partners as they prepare for these protests and do everything they can to protect public safety and local businesses, and respond to any hateful or racist behaviour.  

We want to thank residents across Waterloo Region for your ongoing patience and support as we navigate this pandemic together and for standing in solidarity against hate in our community.  

  • Karen Redman, Chair, Region of Waterloo 
  • Berry Vrbanovic, Mayor, City of Kitchener 
  • Kathryn McGarry, Mayor, City of Cambridge 
  • Dave Jaworsky, Mayor, City of Waterloo