Did you know that cooking is the number one cause of residential fires in Ontario? Keep your home safe by completing these checklists for your kitchen, bedroom, living room and storage areas.

Print this page to check items off the list.

On this page:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Bedroom
  3. Living room
  4. Cellar, attic, storage and work areas


  • keep appliances in good repair
  • only use appliances that have been approved as safe through electrical testing like microwaves and pressure cookers
  • inspect gas appliances annually
  • unplug your appliances you’re not using them
  • keep appliances a good distance away from the sink and stove
  • fix any frayed cords or exposed wires on appliances
  • roll up excess electrical cord to prevent an accident
  • do not use the area above your stove for storage
  • keep spray cans and flammable liquids away from the stove
  • keep wastebaskets and other items that can burn away from the stove


  • keep bedding and laundry away from radiators and electric heaters
  • check your windows to make sure they are easy to open
  • only use an extension cord to hold one plug
  • do not run cords under rugs, over doorways or hang them over nails
  • keep a clear path to the exit that would be your escape from a potential fire
  • do not smoke in the bedroom

Living room

  • if you smoke, you are responsible for your smoking materials
    • use proper ashtrays and not cups, cans or lids
  • keep ashtrays on tables and not on the arms of a chairs or sofas
  • keep your fireplace screened and free of ashes
  • do not put furniture or other items in front of potential exits that could be used to escape a fire
  • keep lamps away from burnable decorations, including drapes
  • hang drapes away from radiators

Cellar, attic, storage and work areas

  • discard newspaper and garbage
  • store items that can burn away from the heat source and never under stairs
  • store all gasoline outside the house
  • store paints, solvents, turpentine, lighter fluid, rags or brushes soaked and locked in metal storage containers marked "flammable"
  • use fuses or circuit breakers that are the right size
  • clean the furnace or heating system every year