Young professionals



Moving to a new city and beginning a new career can be unnerving - but it can also be exciting, especially if you're coming to Kitchener!

We have a robust housing and rental market, so finding a new place to live won't be a problem.

Kitchener also boasts one of the strongest economies in the country, so you're sure to find professional success here - with a variety of jobs and careers to choose from.

Or, if you'd like to top up your training and better prepare yourself for your new career, consider our high-ranking colleges and universities to continue your education.

But all work and no play is no way to live!

Rich in cultural diversity, and brimming with a wide range of amenities - from arts and entertainment and a vibrant nightlife, to sports and recreation and countless parks, trails and natural areas, you'll never be bored; and you'll soon discover why Kitchener is well known and revered for our exceptional quality of life.

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