Tag-and-tow bylaw


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A Snow Event is declared when a significant snowfall is expected (based on credible weather forecasts) to help crews clear city streets and keep pedestrians and cars safe. During a Snow Event, the city's tag-and-tow bylaw, which prohibits parking on city streets, takes effect. City of Kitchener's operations crews aim to clear all streets within 24 hours after the storm stops.  

What is the tag-and-tow bylaw?

The tag-and-tow bylaw ensures cars are not parked on streets, which allows the city's operations crews plow the streets safely and efficiently.

During Snow Events, enforcement staff is asked to attend locations when a plow operator is unable to plow due to parked cars. Once enforcement staff assess the situation, they will ticket, and may tow, vehicles parked on the street so snow plow operators can continue their work.

The ticket for parking on the street during a Snow Event is $80. Vehicles will not be tagged and towed based on calls from the public. Vehicles are towed at owners' expense.

For more information on the city's tag-and-tow bylaw, please call 519-741-2345.

How will residents know when a Snow Event is declared?
The city's director of operations will declare a Snow Event at any time. Once a snow event is declared, the decision will be communicated in several ways:
  • this website;
  • on the City of Kitchener Facebook and Twitter accounts;
  • by email to residents who sign up to receive the city's snow-event advisories, and
  • by alerting local media.

Notification of a Snow Event is typically given by 5 p.m., and usually takes effect at midnight so that residents have time to move or make arrangements for their cars. Please note: overnight parking is NOT permitted on any city street from Dec. 1 to March 31 each year.

How will residents retrieve their towed vehicles?
Vehicles are only towed if plow operators are unable to plow the street without moving them. Typically, vehicles are towed to a nearby street or parking lot to make it as easy as possible for drivers to retrieve their vehicles. Owners of the vehicles that have been towed can call 519-741-2345 to find out the location of their vehicles.
What if I have an overnight parking exemption? 
If a snow event is called, overnight parking exemptions will be cancelled to allow for snow clearing. 

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