Swimming pool permits


For your safety, all swimming pools - in-ground, above-ground or temporary -- that can hold 36 inches of water or more require an enclosure permit - regardless of how much water is actually in them.

The cost of the permit is $106 (2019 fee).

What you need to apply for a permit

If you need to apply for a permit, the information you must submit will depend on the type of pool you're installing.

For in-ground pools, we require:

  • The address where pool is planned to be installed,
  • Construction value for swimming pool,
  • Contractor's name and address, and
  • Site plan (property survey) that includes:
    • Pool location and configuration
    • Dimensions to property lines and existing buildings
    • Fence location, which confirms compliance with the fence bylaw and includes the type of construction

For on-ground or above-ground pools, we require the same documents listed for in-ground pools, as well as:

  • Site plan (property survey) to show limits of new deck around pool.
  • If deck is greater than 24 inches above ground, additional drawings including floor plan(s), cross section and guard details.
  • Deck permits will also be required when the deck surface is greater than 24 inches above the adjacent ground surface.

When installing a pool, remember to consider other bylaws and policies around grading, zoning and fences. Please note there are important considerations when draining your pool or hot tub that residents should be aware of. Learn more on our backyard pool safety page

If you live in a newer subdivision, your property may contain an infiltration gallery. If an infiltration gallery is either uncovered or damaged when installing a pool; repairs or relocation may be required. For more information on infiltration galleries, please contact us at 519-741-2406.

How to apply for a permit

Apply in person

Print and complete the application form and bring the required permit documents to our Building Division, located on the fifth floor of Kitchener City Hall.

Apply online

Use our online permits system to apply for your permit and check the status of your application.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 519-741-2433.

Crossing a city park

For protection of our parks, community trails, natural areas or any other public open space, you will need to obtain an 'access over city property' permit if you need to drive a vehicle across city property to access private property for your pool installation. The permit is free of charge and can be obtained by calling 519-741-2200, ext. 4166.

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