Property standards


Owning a property - either a home, business or piece of land -- means ensuring the property meets specific standards for maintenance and occupancy, as outlined in our Municipal Code.

Examples of these standards include:

  • All structures are required to be sound, and all exterior walls, roofs and foundations are required to be free of water leaks, painted or otherwise treated, or waterproofed.
  • The interior of all buildings must have an adequate level of lighting.
  • All heating, plumbing and mechanical systems and elevating devices must be maintained and operate in good working order.
  • Residential occupancy must meet minimum requirements regarding room dimensions, ceiling heights, ventilation, potable water and an adequate supply of hot water.
  • All exterior property areas shall be kept clear of inoperative vehicles and garbage.

Owners of rental residential properties is also expected to adhere to these standards - unless there is a formal agreement in place assigning maintenance and repair responsibility to a lessee or occupant.

Property standards violations

When a complaint is received, a property-standards officer will investigate to determine if a violation exists. If a violation is found, the officer can issue a property standards order, advising the owner of the violation and requiring the issue be remedied within a specified time period.

An owner has the right to appeal to our property standards committee if they are not satisfied with the terms of the order. The committee can either:

  • Uphold the order,
  • Rescind the order, or
  • Modify the length of time the owner has to comply.

If an owner fails to comply with a property standards order, we may initiate action to complete necessary repairs. Any costs associated with our work on the property will be applied to the tax rolls of the property. We may also initiate legal action. The maximum fine for non-compliance with a property standards order is $50,000 for an individual and $100,000 for a corporation.

To report a property-standards violation, please contact us.


Property Standards Appeal Committee

An appeal tribunal for citizens who have received 'Orders to Comply' from our enforcement staff regarding property standards. If you are interested in making an appeal to a property standards order or have any questions related to a property standards appeal hearing, please contact Jaclyn Rodrigues at 519-741-2200, ext. 7275, or check out our property standards appeal committee guidelines and appeal application form.


For all other property standards inquires or complaints, please contact Bylaw Enforcement at 519-741-2345.

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