Leaf drop-off sites


For residents who prefer to get rid of the leaves from their property on their own schedule, the city operates drop-off sites in neighbourhoods across the city. These drop-off sites are open seven days a week during daylight hours.

Leaf drop-off sites open Oct. 19 and close Dec. 14, 2018.

The eight leaf drop-off locations include:

NOTE: The Victoria Street South at Eastforest Trail site is permanently closed. Please use one of the other locations. 

The leaf drop-off sites are for loose leaves only - no bags (or other debris) are allowed. Please plan to take your bags with you after dumping your leaves. The drop sites are monitored. All materials left at the drop site is considered garbage. Those leaving waste (including bags) behind will be subject to illegal dumping fines.

 Did you know?

Loose leaf drop sites are better for the environment, better for farmers and allow for a more efficient removal by city staff. Here's why:

  • The Region of Waterloo takes the leaves from our drop-off site at the Aud directly to their site in Cambridge, saving both the Region and the City of Kitchener a lot of time and money.
  • Many of the leaves go directly onto farmers' fields add nutrients to the soil. That's why we can't take debris or branches or bags of any kind, including the paper yard waste bags, at the drop-off sites. It doesn't have enough time to decompose before being spread on the fields. Bags cause issues for farmers and their equipment.
  • The city has to pay tipping fees to the landfill on any loads that are not just leaves. Costs to the city for sorting and delivering debris, junk and yard waste - anything that isn't leaves - from the leaf drop sites to the landfill are about $97,000 per year.
  • The city's loose leaf collection program supplements the Region of Waterloo's yard waste program, which collects yard waste directly from your curb.



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