Leaf collection


We often hear about how much people love the number and variety of trees we have in Kitchener. While having a healthy urban forest provides many benefits to the community, when autumn arrives, it also can mean a lot of raking for some residents.

We are pleased to offer information and services to help residents manage the leaves that fall on their property including:

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Scheduled pick-up

Leaves must not be raked to the curb until the weekend of your scheduled pick-up date. The leaves must be at the curbside before 7 a.m. on the first day of the scheduled pick-up week. 

Leaves will be collected once during November on the following dates:

  • Blue zone: Nov. 13-16; 
  • Gold zone: Nov. 19-23
  • Brown zone: Nov. 26-30
  • Red zone: Hot spot; monitored and collection occurs as required from Nov. 2 until
    Dec. 7.

NOTE: Leaves in hot spots must not be raked to the curb earlier than Nov. 2, and no later than Dec. 7. Leaves that are raked to the curb too early can block storm inlets, creating hazardous conditions and contributing to localized flooding.

Do you live on a border street between Waterloo and Kitchener?

The cities of Kitchener and Waterloo share 20 roads, which form a seamless border for many residents.Under the city's joint services initiative, both cities work together to ensure that winter maintenance and leaf collection for these border streets effectively and efficiently.During leaf collection season, the City of Waterloo maintains the following border streets for Kitchener:
  • Maple Hill Drive
Kitchener maintains for Waterloo:
  • Mary Street from city limit to Union Street East
  • Herbert Street from city limit to Union Street East
  • Hartwood Avenue from city limit to Weber Street South
  • Pinewood Place
  • Margaret Avenue from city limit to Union Street East
  • Esson Street from city limit to John Street West
  • Belmont Avenue from city limit to John Street West
  • Severn Street from city limit to John Street West
  • Avondale Avenue from city limit to John Street West
  • Dunbar Road from city limit to John Street West
  • Aberdeen Road from city limit to Forsyth Drive

Do you need help raking and bagging your leaves?

There are local agencies and organizations that can help. Contact them directly to determine their availability. Eligibility requirements or fees for service may apply.

  • Community Support Connections: 519-772-8787
  • Job Café: 519-743-1151 x168
  • House of Friendship: 519-742-8327
  • Check with your local high school, community centre or place of worship for volunteers. High school students can apply any volunteer hours to their community service requirement they are expected to fulfill prior to graduation.

Leaf collection information on your mobile device!

Use our mobile app, Pingstreet, for leaf and yard waste collection information and schedules. Download it now!

For general information about the City of Kitchener's leaf collection program, call 519-741-2345.

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