Graffiti removal


Graffiti -- the etching, painting or placing of a mark on public or private property - is illegal in our city and considered one of the worst types of vandalism.

Kitchener is an active participant in a regional anti-graffiti strategy, aimed at:

  • Reducing the incidence of graffiti in Kitchener and the region
  • Raising awareness about preventive actions that can be taken
  • Highlighting the costs and consequences of vandalism

Through education, graffiti removal and enforcement initiatives, we are literally taking the power from the vandals' hands.

Reporting graffiti

If you witness any form of graffiti vandalism in progress, please call 911 immediately and report the crime to the police.

Or, if you see graffiti on property in the city, please:

  • Call the Graffiti Busters hotline at 1-855-TAG-FREE (824-3733)
  • Use our mobile app, Pingstreet, to take a photo of the graffiti and send it to us right from your mobile device. Download it now!
  • Use our online reporting system

The faster graffiti is reported and removed, the less likely it is to happen again - so please report all incidents you come across right away, with as much information about the location as possible.

We will then attempt to contact the property owner or agency to arrange for the graffiti to be removed as soon as possible.

With your help, we can reduce graffiti across Kitchener - and enjoy a cleaner community

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