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You're new to Kitchener - and you're in the market for a new job. Well, you'll soon discover that our city is made up of a cross-section of career choices, including:

  • An industrial and manufacturing sector that has served as the cornerstone of our economy for decades.
  • Forward-thinking firms that fit into what we call our "new economy," featuring the latest and greatest in high-tech innovation - including life sciences, digital media and education and knowledge creation.
  • Skilled-trades roles that are highly sought after - especially in this age of ever-improving infrastructure.
  • Food, hospitality and retail that continue to thrive as our population continues to grow.

One thing to remember as you begin your job search in Kitchener is even if you don't exactly have all the right skills, you can always go to one of our local colleges or universities for some extra training.

Or, if you're interested in opening your own business, visit the Waterloo Region Small Business Centre for tools, tips and resources that will help you get started on your new path.

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