Culture and lifestyle


Whether you're passionate about the arts and other cultural activities that celebrate the talent of others from near and far, or you thrive on leading an active lifestyle and exploring your natural surroundings - Kitchener has all of the stimulation you're looking for...and more!

Our city is rich in cultural diversity and abounding heritage - characteristics we embrace and celebrate. Examples include our many festivals and special events, as well as the Kitchener Public Library system and the Kitchener Market - regular gathering places for residents of many different cultural backgrounds.

Having a fascinating history and great mix of people and traditions has also enriched our community with an inspiring - and dynamic - arts and culture scene, ranging from intimate performance spaces to contemporary galleries and mainstream stages; as well as a long list of attractions.

Our natural amenities are also among our greatest gifts, providing a great selection of activities to see and do outdoors.

With parks, trails and natural areas that offer a meaningful glimpse into our past and present as a community, we have the perfect settings for people to lace up their running shoes - and get active.

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