The lives of your loved ones deserve to be honoured when they're laid to rest - and you deserve to have a beautiful setting where you can remember them with love. 

Kitchener Cemeteries is dedicated to celebrating our residents who have left this world by providing beautiful, final resting places where families and friends can gather to support one another, make peace, reminisce and pay their respects.

We own and operate six local cemeteries:

  • Williamsburg Cemetery, Dedication Centre and Crematorium
  • Woodland Cemetery
  • Kitchener Mount Hope Cemetery
  • St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery
  • Bridgeport and Free Church Cemetery
  • Strasburg Historical Cemetery

Each cemetery offers several choices - with a personal touches to ensure your loved one's final wishes are met. This includes a series of environmentally friendly options.

If you would like more information, please visit Kitchener Cemeteries.

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