Walking is one of the most common - and environmentally friendly - forms of travel amongst Kitchener residents; as well as an important form of exercise and recreation - a key ingredient in the health and vitality of our community.

Knowing this, we provide an effective, efficient network of sidewalks throughout the city, as well as many community trails for people to use for business or for pleasure.

To ensure walking is a safe, comfortable and convenient mode of urban travel for pedestrians, we follow our pedestrian charter, which aims to create an urban environment in all parts of the city that encourages and supports walking.

Under the charter, we commit to:

  • Upholding the right of pedestrians of all ages and abilities to safe, convenient, direct and comfortable walking conditions.
  • Providing a walking environment within the public right-of-way and in public parks that encourages people to walk for travel, exercise and recreation.
  • Supporting and encourage the planning, design and development of a walking environment in public and private spaces (both exterior and interior) that meets the travel needs of pedestrians.
  • Providing and maintain infrastructure that gives pedestrians safe and convenient passage while walking along and crossing streets.
  • Ensuring that residents' access to basic community amenities and services does not depend on car ownership or public transit use.
  • Setting policies that reduce conflict between pedestrians and other users of the public right-of-way.
  • Creating walkable communities by giving high planning priority to compact, human-scale and mixed land use.
  • Encouraging research and education on the social, economic, environmental and health benefits of walking as a form of travel, exercise and recreation.
  • Promoting laws and regulations that respect pedestrians' particular needs.
  • Advocating for improving the provincial and federal regulatory and funding frameworks that affect the city's ability to improve the pedestrian environment.
  • Working with individual citizens, community groups and agencies, businesses and other levels of government to achieve these goals.


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