Traffic safety


The City of Kitchener maintains about 550 kilometres of roadway. City crews set up thousands of construction zones for the purpose of repairing and paving roads, utility work, capital projects and rehabilitation.

See the signs . . . slow down.

Our road crews are out daily making repairs to keep everyone safe. Help them stay safe by following the signs. You may not be saving time, but you are saving lives.

Tips for driving near construction zones

  • Follow the signs! Signs contain essential information about traffic conditions, road closures and detours ahead.
  • Be aware of construction zones.
  • Consider alternate routes.
  • Watch for trucks turning and backing up.
  • Slow down - reduce your speed and approach with caution.

Learn more about construction and road signage in Ontario.

Apps to help you plan your route

  • Waze
  • Google Maps
  • Apple Maps

Truck routes

A heavy truck is defined as a commercial vehicle having a weight of 4.6 tonnes or more unloaded. Heavy trucks are prohibited on all roads unless signed otherwise and/or making a delivery via the shortest possible route from a truck route.

Parking is prohibited for heavy trucks on any residential street.

Click here for City of Kitchener truck routes.

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