Roads and Sidewalks


Whether we realize or not, local roads and sidewalks play a key role in our daily lives. From ensuring a smooth drive, ride or walk to and from either work or school, to providing safe, clearly defined paths for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians - our roads and sidewalks keep us moving the right way.

Stay up to date on the latest plans for our roads and sidewalks, and learn how you can help us keep them in good shape, with the following information:


Maintaining and upgrading Kitchener's roads is essential to sustaining our transportation system. While some roads in the city are maintained by the Region of Waterloo, Kitchener is responsible for maintaining 980 "two-lane" kilometres of roads throughout the city. Every year, we upgrade our roads network, work that usually takes place in the spring and summer months. Road work and maintenance may require closures and detours, which will be clearly defined for drivers.

School-zone speed limits
The City of Kitchener has a 40-km speed limit, 24 hours a day, in front of all elementary schools. This speed limit is enforced by Waterloo Region Police Services in school areas.
Sidewalk repair program
The City of Kitchener's annual sidewalk program inspects about 1,100 kilometres of city sidewalks for trip hazards so all of our residents can enjoy a pedestrian-friendly environment. Each year, more than 2,800 new sidewalk defects are identified - usually due to frost heave or tree root growth. Trip hazards are marked with orange paint, and are recorded in a database for repair.
Winter maintenance for sidewalks
In Kitchener, property owners are responsible for removing snow and ice from the sidewalks along their property. The city maintains about 200 kilometres of sidewalks across the city. In 2015, council directed staff to explore other winter sidewalk maintenance models - the final report of the review conducted in 2016.

The city is currently conducting a pilot on maintaining trails year-round; service levels for trail winter maintenance may change as a result. A report on this review is expected in 2018.

Sidewalk infill
The city's pedestrian charter supports a city that encourages walking. Our definition of pedestrian includes those who use mobility devices. To confirm this commitment to pedestrian-friendly public space, the city implemented a sidewalk policy to ensure sidewalks are installed as part of road reconstruction projects. 

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