Road construction


Kitchener continues to be a destination of choice for new residents and businesses, who want to put down roots in our community.

With this ongoing growth comes a continual need for us to ensure our roads are capable of handling more use. As a result, each year we undertake reconstruction projects to improve and upgrade many of our local roads. 

In some cases, we simply resurface a worn, cracked road surface -- short-term projects that often include:

  • Grinding up existing asphalt,
  • Repairing curbs, and
  • Laying new asphalt

Other projects require more work, which often includes replacing worn, outdated or failing infrastructure, such as:

  • Roads, and/or
  • Buried infrastructure, such as water, sewer, gas mains.

Once the infrastructure has been repaired or replaced, the road structure -- made of compacted gravel -- is reconstructed to provide a sturdy base for the new road surface.

Full reconstruction projects can take from six and 18 weeks to complete, depending on the scope.

Keeping you informed

An up-to-date list of road closures is always available; and you can access a map of current road closures across Waterloo region on your mobile device using our Pingstreet app.

Before we begin a road reconstruction, we inform residents and businesses in the surrounding area of the impending work in writing before we begin construction.

Information packages are provided, containing details about the project, as well as garbage collection, road closures and parking during the construction period. Contact information for the city project manager and contractor is also provided, in case residents have any questions or concerns.



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