Rapid transit


The tracks have been laid - soon, you'll be able to travel from one end of our region to the other, quickly and conveniently.

ION, Waterloo Region's new light-rail transit (LRT) service, will be introduced in two stages, beginning in 2018 -- providing travellers more sustainable transportation options.

Once the system is fully operational, ION will connect rapid transit with:

ION and GRT will operate with one fare for all services, and free transfers between both systems.

The addition of light-rail service will bring many benefits to our community, including:

  • less traffic congestion and sprawl,
  • reduced need for costly road expansion projects, and
  • new employment opportunities

Check out ION online for construction updates, project news and information, route maps, reports, videos and visuals, past public meeting materials and frequently asked questions. You can also join the project mailing list to receive updates, or follow the conversation on their social-media channels.

For more information, call 519-575-4400 or email connect@rideion.ca

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