Although city crews regularly patrol streets to identify pot holes and other road deficiencies, pot holes can develop on a daily basis when temperatures begin to hover around zero degrees.

The City of Kitchener maintains approximately 2100 lane kilometres of road on behalf of the city and the Region of Waterloo.

All roads within the municipality are required to be maintained in accordance with the Province's Minimum Maintenance Standards, Ontario Reg. 239/02. The minimum maintenance standard sets out the maximum size (area) and depth that a pothole can be before a repair is required.  It also sets out the amount of time that is allowed to pass before the repair must be completed and that varies based on the amount of traffic that occurs on that particular road.  The standard ranges from 4 days for heavily travelled roads to 30 days for roads with lesser amounts of traffic.

We can use your help in identifying locations that require attention so that they can be repaired in a timely manner. Pothole complaints are addressed on both a priority and a scheduling basis.

To report a pothole

Take note of the exact location of the pot hole. Please be specific, let us know:

  • the street it is on
  • which lane (north or south bound)
  • address or building it's in front of
  • cross streets (eg. between King and Weber)

Staff will take the details from you at 519-741-2345.

Report potholes on your mobile device!

Use our new mobile app, PingStreet, to take a photo of the pothole and submit it to us using your mobile phone. Download it now!

If vehicle damage occurs

If your vehicle is damaged because of striking a pothole, we suggest:

  • Do not continue to drive your vehicle if it is not operating properly.
  • Record the exact location of the pothole and report it to the city as outlined above.
  • Have the vehicle inspected by a licensed mechanic.
  • You may wish to contact your insurance broker or insurer as you may have coverage for this type of vehicle damage.

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