You rely on our local transportation system every day - whether you're driving down the street, strolling along a sidewalk or crossing a bridge. Given the volume of people just like you - those who live, visit and work in our community, there's no question our transportation system carries a heavy burden.

With standards around the maintenance of our roads, bridges, sidewalks and drainage infrastructure are always changing - and expanding, we are committed to staying current through comprehensive training to ensure our well-traveled surfaces and structures remain safe and in excellent condition. That means:

  • Providing for the safe, efficient and convenient movement of people and goods across our city on the local road and sidewalk network,
  • Providing effective winter maintenance of our roads and sidewalks,
  • Protecting watercourses, valleys, overland flow routes and stormwater management facilities,
  • Protecting and maintaining our city's natural and artificial drainage system and related infrastructure, and
  • Making use of leading-edge technology, designed with structural safety and longevity in mind.


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