Getting Around


Public transit, walking and cycling have become the preferred methods of travel for many of us. The reason - more of us have realized that riding a bus or a bike, or using our feet to get from A to B is easy, and much healthier than driving a vehicle.

Now, with our enhanced public transit system, extensive trail network and dedicated bike lanes, you can get across our city - as well as Waterloo region - by walking, bicycling, or combining both activities with public transit.

Making these simple choices will go a long way to improve our air quality; and reduce greenhouse gases, climate change and shortages of fuel - a win for our entire community.

Leaving your car at home can also help you:

  • Lead a healthier lifestyle by adding more physical activity to your routine.
  • Feel more connected to your community.
  • Help protect the environment.
  • Save money normally spent on gasoline and parking.

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