Getting Around


There are many ways of getting around in Kitchener, and the city is committed to providing you with safe and convenient transportation options.

Public transit, walking and cycling have become the preferred methods of travel for many of us. The reason - more of us have realized that riding a bus or a bike, or using our feet to get from A to B is easy, and much healthier than driving a vehicle.

Now, with our enhanced public transit system, extensive trail network and dedicated bike lanes, you can get across our city - as well as Waterloo region - by walking, bicycling, public transit and driving.

Kitchener's Complete Streets Approach

Complete Streets are safe, comfortable and convenient for all modes of transportation, and all ages and abilities. Complete streets also contribute to advancing sustainability, health, and economic development goals.

Complete streets prioritize safety of pedestrians, cyclists, transit and automobiles, in that order. To make this culture shift in our street design, Kitchener is developing new Complete Streets guidelines that will guide how we design transportation infrastructure, based on industry best practices. The guidelines are used when a new road or subdivision is being built, when an existing road is being rebuilt, or when an existing road is identified as being ideal for a retrofit.

But first, we want to know what you think. Share your thoughts on safe speeds and complete streets in an online survey. You can also attend fun and interactive events to share your input in-person.

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