BikeCheck is a free bike parking service run by the City of Kitchener’s BikeKitchener.  It is a safe and secure way for cyclists to park their bikes at events and enjoy the festivities without having to worry.  BikeCheck operates just like a coat check, but for bikes (or any mode of active transportation).  It encourages and enables cycling to events where parking for bikes is scarce, non-existent, and/or prone to theft.

 How BikeCheck works
  1. Find a BikeCheck attendant 
  2. You will be handed a ticket which you will need to claim your bike. 
  3. The corresponding ticket will be taped to your bike to identify it as yours. The attendant will then park your bike. You can leave all of your accessories with your bike. This is a accessories secure service, an attendant will be watching the bikes at all times. 
  4. Once you've handed your bike to the attendant, go enjoy the event! 
  5. To claim your bike, present your ticket to the attendant and wait while they retrieve your bike. 


 Terms of use 
  • Patrons MUST receive a claim stub to have their bikes and/or accessories parked by Bikecheck. 
  • Only Bikecheck team members are allowed in the parking area. 
  • Locks are not part of the Bikecheck system; the station is enclosed and secure.
  • A valid Bikecheck claim stub must be presented to access a parked bike, or any of its accessories during or after the event. 
  • We are fully insured while the Bikecheck is in operation, however the accessories are left at the risk of the owner. 
  • Bike's MUST be picked up 30 minutes of the event's completion or otherwise posted latest time.

What is Bikecheck?

Bikecheck is a free secure bike parking service provided by the City of Kitchener. It’s like a coat check only for bikes.

How does it work?

When you ride your bike to an event with Bikecheck, you can hand your bike to one of our attendants and then go enjoy the event without having to worry about your bike!  All bikes must be picked up within a half hour of the end of the event. 

Can I leave other things besides my bike?

Yes, we prefer just helmets, locks and panniers only please or other bike accessories. We cannot inventory your accessories and therefore are not responsible but be sure to securely attach your belongings to be safe!

Do you only park bikes?

Bicycles take priority; however, we can park skates, skateboards and other human-powered people movers.

How can I volunteer?

We are always looking for volunteers, since we’ve parked upwards of 1,200 in our debuting year. Please send any inquiries to

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