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Learning. Collaboration. Creativity. Diversity. Community. These are just a few of the words we, as city employees, use to describe working for this organization - and just a few of the reasons we put our all into delivering the important services you rely on each day.

We're a happy bunch. We're satisfied because we're allowed to set our own goals and work hard to achieve them in our own style. We are fun, free-thinking, inclusive, open to change - and in need of a challenge. We believe in safety and well being.

We bring so many different skills and talents with us to work each day, with expertise in areas such as planning and engineering, information technology, operations, horticulture, firefighting, customer service - and so much more.

Why are we here? Because we are community stewards. We're proud of what we do, and we go home each night knowing the work we do makes a real difference -- to the more than 233,700 residents who count on us.

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