Culture of inclusion



"We are all different and we know that this is a strength. We will never stop campaigning for diversity. We challenge the status quo. We also need to work in a place that champions kindness and civility as foundational behaviours upon which all relationships are built. We have the courage and character to insist on this and to call out behaviour below this standard."
Our People Plan

The City of Kitchener's commitment to diversity and inclusion states:

"The City of Kitchener believes in recognizing, understanding and respecting all people. Our focus is on facilitating full access and a respectful and safe environment for our employees and citizens, including them fully in the life of the corporation:

  • Where we continue to build an organization that values individual differences;
  • Where we deliver our best service to our community;
  • Where we value and retain employees, and create an environment that encourages everyone to reach their full potential;
  • Where we actively identify, address and remove barriers to participation in all our decisions, services and activities; and,
  • Where every individual has a responsibility to create an environment of access, equity and inclusion, where they are not just goals to which we aspire, but traits of our character."

We take respect in the workplace and violence in the workplace seriously. Our policies, legislated and non-legislated training and formal processes serve to ensure that all staff understand their roles and responsibilities, and are comfortable and confident to report workplace issues relating to respect and violence.

We tell our stories of success, including the stories of how our differences contribute to our success. We do this through our employee web portal, posters at our many City of Kitchener facilities, at training sessions and employee events.

We help employees, particularly those working outside of city hall or who do not have a city email address, to feel connected, including offering training online -- accessible from any device at any time.

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