Culture of community stewardship


"We do the right thing. For our citizens and our community. And for ourselves."
City of Kitchener People Plan

As city employees, we are ambassadors to our community - both on and off the job.

Community stewardship is at the heart of everything we do - and who we are - as an organization. We're proud to lead by example, and continuously exploring new ways to make our community a great place to live, work and play.

What are we doing?

First, we're listening to you - ensuring we know and understand the issues that matter to you most.

We're also doing business efficiently and effectively - with care for the health and safety of our residents, ourselves and the environment.

Examples of our commitment in action include:

  • Our customer-service strategy: The roadmap we follow to ensure we remain a leader in customer service - with goals and strategies aligned to your needs and expectations.
  • Engage Kitchener: An easy and effective way for you to connect with us on the issues that affect you.
  • Corporate Climate Action Plan: An environmental to-do list we're acting on to reduce our city's carbon footprint and decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Green City: An enthusiastic group of city staff whose goal is to reduce the amount of waste produced at our City Hall - and eventually at all of our facilities.

To help potential employees understand our commitment/attitude of community stewardship.

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