Culture of appreciation and fun


"We have fun. And we know the power of "thank you."
City of Kitchener People Plan

Appreciation, recognition and fun go a long way at work - and in life. Here at the city, it's no different.

When our employees feel valued, they are motivated to work harder, go the extra mile, take fewer sick days and stay with us for the long term. But - like all of us - not all employees are motivated the same way. What works for one person or team doesn't necessarily work for another.

That's why our corporate recognition committee is so valuable; they strive to create programs that are exciting, meaningful and relevant to all staff - opportunities that align with our corporate vision, our strategies and our People Plan.

What are we doing?

Showing our employees how much we appreciate them on a regular basis is key to keeping them feeling satisfied , loyal and inspired to give every day their all. Some of the ways we try to bring out the best in our staff include:

  • Employee- organized events: Social events for staff - organized by staff.
  • Holiday season staff events: A variety of annual holiday season we organize to thank staff for another tremendous year.
  • CityTalk newsletter: Created by staff for staff - not your typical corporate newsletter!
  • Employees' Choice Awards: A formal award program honouring staff for outstanding achievement by living our core values and going above and beyond to serve us - and our community - each day.
  • Years of Service Recognition Program: Recognizing retirees and past employees with 25 or more years of service with us, as well as current, long-service employees.
  • Recognition badges: Personal recognition badges, covering 15 different categories, can be sent to staff electronically.
  • Bravo and e-Bravo cards: Pre-printed and electronic cards can be personalized with an informal message and sent to a coworker who has done a great job.
  • Ken Currier Leadership Award: For members of our operations division who are nominated by other staff for their leadership abilities.

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