A culture of accountability


Our accountability as municipal employees is visible, because we are in the community. Our customers and citizens benefit every day because we are accountable. As public servants, we are held to the highest standard, and when we are prepared, trained, motivated and ready to serve, our work tells the story of who we are to each other and to Kitchener's citizens.

Accountability produces positive outcomes including trust, fairness, pride, equity, teamwork, a shared positivity and a sense of accomplishment. Learn more about what's important to use in our People Plan.

What are we doing?

  • We are investing more learning opportunities and training for our leadership teams. Connecting these opportunities with the People Plan will ensure leaders at every level champion the core values and the Plan itself and will result in more consistent leadership that aligns with the City of Kitchener's leadership traits (competencies) and supporting behaviours.
  • We use business plans to prioritize goals and workload, to measure progress and to commit to the right corporate goals at the right time.
  • Feedback from our employee culture surveys drives future initiatives that support our culture and core values. Divisional, departmental and corporate actions have been established across the organization as a result of employee feedback from our 2016 employee culture survey. These actions are already moving the People Plan forward by being accountable for responding to employee feedback in productive, meaningful and relevant ways.
  • Our Let's Talk program allows an employee and their direct supervisor to engage in a collaborative, positive discussion to enhance the employee's experiences, opportunities and development at the City of Kitchener. It allows for employees to talk about what matters to them.
  • Performance Evaluation at Kitchener (PEAK) is the city's performance appraisal system for management staff (department heads, directors, managers and supervisors). PEAK increases the quality and frequency of performance discussions, instills greater accountability for performance, and supports a shift toward a continuous process rather than periodic events.

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