You need a work permit to occupy or close any city road, sidewalk or boulevard to conduct work or other activities. No work may take place on any portion of a city right-of-way without a valid permit.

Non-compliance may result in enforcement and issuance of fines.

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  1. Apply for a work permit
  2. Regional roads

Apply for a work permit

All permits must be submitted a minimum of five business days prior to work.

Download and complete the work permit application in full, including work plan and TCP for work zone.

Include a certificate of insurance as indicated in the application form.

Please send the forms to staff by email to either:


Check our Fee Schedule under "Transportation Planning" for permit fees.

Fees may vary, depending on the permit, based on the duration or uses of the road. Invoicing of all fees once work is completed.

Learn more about the fee schedule in Chapter 890 of our Municipal Code.

Regional roads

For a permit on a regional road in Kitchener, please apply through the Region of Waterloo.

Download the full regional road listing.