Voting in a municipal election is a small act, but it has a big impact on our community. From sidewalks and roads to climate action to recreation facilities, city council decisions can affect every part of your day.

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2022 municipal election

The 2022 municipal and school board election is on Monday, October 24.

By voting in the 2022 municipal and school board election, you’ll help decide who will represent you and your family in your local government for the next four years.

How voting impacts you

Voting is how you can help shape decision-making in your community.

When it comes to issues like planning, building, by-laws, neighbourhood programs and services and many more, city councillors are the decision-makers. City council approves the annual budget, guiding how tax dollars are used to support the city services you value most, including parks, outdoor skating rinks, arenas, public swimming pools, community centres and special events.

Whether you live, work or play in Kitchener, city council’s decisions will have a direct impact on your daily life.

Important council decisions

Here are a few important decisions Kitchener City Council has made over the past ten years:

What issues do you care about? Tell us with your vote this October. Skip the lines and vote early during advance voting days. Cast your ballot anywhere in your ward on election day, October 24. Learn more about voting in Kitchener.

Find your candidates and where to vote

Choose your ward from the list below to find where to vote (on advance voting days and election day) and your municipal, regional and school board candidates.

If you don’t know your ward, use our online tool and enter your address to find your candidates and voting locations.

I want to vote, but...

If you want to vote but aren’t sure where to start, find more information below.

I don’t know…

I don’t…

If you have any questions, send us an email or call 519-741-2345.