Youth Action Council Awards


Each year, the Kitchener Youth Action Council (KYAC) celebrates and recognizes the talents and contributions of young people in our community at an annual awards ceremony at city hall.

The purpose of the awards program is to promote a positive image of young people and to generate awareness of the valuable contributions youth make in our community. 

Who is eligible?

Nominees must be between the ages of 14 and 24 and must reside within the Kitchener - Waterloo area. Nominees should have completed some of their volunteer work  or community contributions within the Kitchener community. There is also an award category for adults over the age of 24.

What are the award categories?

Awards are presented to local youth and one adult, recognizing their contributions in the following categories:

Arts and Culture

Awarded to a young person who has built community through one or more of the following areas: vocal, visual arts, music, multimedia, dance and theatre/drama.


Award Recipient 2019: Jacy Morneau


Service and Caregiving

Awarded to a young person who has volunteered meaningfully in local charities, organizations and community based groups and has demonstrated the meaning of building a caring community.


Award Recipient 2019: Jace Nyp



Awarded to a young person who has demonstrated initiative and creativity through designing and successfully initiating his/her own business and/or through developing an innovative product or service.


Award Recipient 2019: Skyler Antler



Awarded to a young person who has contributed to the community's environment health and/or public environmental awareness. 


Award Recipient 2019: Jillian Jeung



Awarded to a young person who has shown significant and continuing leadership that improves the quality of life of others and encourages their peers.


Award Recipient 2019: Melda Kiziltan


Sports and Recreation

Awarded to a young person who has promoted health and fitness or has excelled in athletics and/or recreational activities and has demonstrated quality team-building, cooperation and leadership skills. 


Award Recipient 2019: Faith Gurski


Unity in Diversity

Awarded to a young person who has made a significant contribution to promoting unity and celebrating diversity within our community.


Award Recipient 2019: Edward Linder


Social Action and Justice

Awarded to a young person who has taken a stand to bring awareness to an issue or cause through positive, proactive and solution-focused approach.


Award Recipient 2019: Zakirah Allain


Personal Triumph

Awarded to a young person who has surmounted obstacles with optimism and hope and has demonstrated perseverance, determination and a passion for life.


Award Recipient 2019: Tyler Anthony


Intergenerational Work

Awarded to a young person who has demonstrated a commitment to the belief that the generations can and should be united.


Award Recipient 2019: Lillian Hyatt


 Group (2 or more young people) 

Awarded to a group of two or more young people who have made a positive contribution to their community through teamwork and collaboration.


Award Recipient 2019: Cameron Heights Black Student Union


 Youth Ally Award

Awarded to an adult who is a role model to youth in their community and selflessly volunteers their time to help youth. Their work encourages young people to be confident in themselves and to strive for their fullest potential.


Award Recipient 2019: Kate Gingerich


How to submit a nomination?

Nominations are currently closed. 

Why should I nominate someone?

By nominating a young person for a KYAC Youth Award, you have an opportunity to strongly impact that person's life. By taking a few minutes to complete the nomination form, your recognition of their contribution and commitments can change a young person's life. A nomination shows them that you care, that the work they do is valued and appreciated, and it just might be the motivation they need to take their community involvement to the next level.  

"Being nominated for an award did not just encourage me, but propelled me to continue with my volunteering and awareness efforts. Especially for young people, who often just need a bit of encouragement to develop into lifelong community contributors, being nominated for an award can be especially powerful."

                          -Zainab Ramahi, Community Contribution Award Recipient, 2008


Thank you to our award sponsors for their generous support!

Interested in sponsoring a Youth Award?

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