Why join Kitchener Fire Department


The Kitchener Fire Department is responsible for providing fire protection services to citizens, keeping our community and neighbourhoods safe. A career in firefighting is a demanding and respected profession. The work is ever changing and challenging. 

Kitchener firefighters are skilled professionals that take pride in serving our community. They provide essential services through these three lines of defence:

  • Public Education - Kitchener Fire provides a variety of fire education programs for residents of all ages, as well as business owners within our community.
  • Fire Prevention - Kitchener Fire provides a number of key services to promote and educate the community on fire prevention, including inspections and enforcement.
  • Suppression - Kitchener firefighters frequently learn a range of firefighting tactics used to suppress fires through continual training and experience. Firefighters gain knowledge of the latest developments in firefighting, rescue techniques, medical emergency procedures, public education, controlling hazardous materials, and fire prevention.

If you are interested in career in firefighting learn how to get started. 

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