Waterloo Region Safety Village


Studies prove that public fire safety education helps reduce the risk and occurrence of fires, creating a safer community for everyone. 

That's why the Waterloo Regional Children's Safety Village was built - to teach children and adults how to protect themselves from fires, as well as prevent fires, in an exciting and interactive way.

Located at 200 Maple Grove Road on the boarder of Kitchener and Cambridge, the fire-education centre merges efforts of the Waterloo Regional Police Service and local fire departments to create a world-class education facility. The centre is staffed by the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Regional fire departments.

Approximately 220 schools - and more than 15,000 students - from across Waterloo Region visit the fire education centre each year.

For information on how to book a visit to the centre, or for more details, please contact the Children's Safety Village.

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