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It's a tree's life:
Kitchener's first draft sustainable urban forest strategy

Its hard to imagine a vibrant, caring and innovative city without picturing trees. To hear how trees improve our community and much more watch our short video:

After an extensive community engagement and planning process, Kitchener’s first draft sustainable urban forest strategy and implementation plan is now being finalized and will be brought back for Council's consideration in early 2019. You can learn more about this work and Kitchener's urban forest by opening the resources tab below. To stay informed about this work you can subscribe to this webpage.  

Resources (Background Information)

  1. Kitchener’s Sustainable Urban Forest Strategy DRAFT This concise document provides you with the key information to quickly understand what the strategy is about, our vision for a sustainable urban forest, our goal, the five branches (Plan, Engage, Maintain, Protect, Plant) of a sustainable urban forest, and 15 identified actions.

  2. 2017 Kitchener’s Sustainable Urban Forest Report Card rates the city’s exiting forestry program using 28 targets that are recognized as key components of a sustainable urban forest program.  

  3. Developing a sustainable urban forest program background document explains why the city is doing this work, the benefits of the urban forest, provides an overview of the project,  key challenges and opportunities facing Kitchener's urban forest, and the next steps.

  4. Tree Canopy Report details Kitchener's tree canopy, based on analysis of 2014 imagery.

  5. Kitchener's online urban forest story map allows residents to discover the urban forest in their neighbourhood and learn more about the city's tree canopy.

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Concerns about city trees

If you have a concern or question about a city tree (e.g. low tree limbs, dead tree) please contact our Corporate Contact Centre at 519-741-2345 or info@kitchener.ca.

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