Uniroyal-Goodrich Park


Uniroyal-Goodrich Park is one of our city's central greenspaces, offering neighbours in the Guelph Street area a place to gather and get to know each other better.

Later this year, the park will undergo a transformation, with several new elements to be added to complement the existing features:

  • Open green space
  • Sand play area
  • Community garden and shelter
  • Asphalt and informal pathways
  • Mature trees and vegetation

Design update

Over the past year, we've collected feedback from the community on three design concepts. In 2016, we ran an online survey and a public information centre, where we gained valuable input from residents - many of whom use the park regularly.

Based on this feedback, we began work on developing a final design. However, the recent removal of dead, invasive and Emerald Ash Borer project identified trees, as well as some other additional considerations, has instigated a change of design. The same park elements will still be included, with some likely additions requested by residents during our consultation; only the location of some of the elements has changed.

Once the elements are finalized, an updated concept will be posted with another opportunity to provide feedback through an online survey.

Construction is expected to begin in spring 2018.

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