Tree management policy


Trees provide our community countless benefits, positively influencing our health, environment, economy and quality of life; and we -- as a city -- have a long history of promoting the protection and enhancement of our treed areas and urban woodlands.

For more than two decades, we have been guided by our tree management policy on how to safeguard these invaluable environmental resources.

Based on our own experience, we have been able to help inform other municipalities, who are interested in developing similar policies - advising them on effective planning, design and conservation techniques to achieve sustainable integration of trees into the urban landscape.

Our tree management policy was recognized in 2003 by the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects for its foresight and role in fostering environmental stewardship - reinforcing Kitchener's reputation as a leader in environmental conservation and sustainable development.

City trees

Please leave the work to us - trees located within road right-of-ways, boulevards and parks are city-owned; all planting, care, maintenance and/or removal of these trees are our responsibilities. Damaging and/or removal of a city-owned tree are chargeable offenses. For more information, please contact us at 519-741-2345.

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