Traffic calming


Traffic calming methods are in place to encourage responsible driving and improve safety for everyone using our streets - drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

We receive several requests from different neighbourhoods across our city on an annual basis, asking us to install traffic calming measures along their streets to slow down drivers.

We assess these requests, based on the terms of our traffic-calming policy, and choose three streets each year to be the subjects of formal traffic-calming studies, which help determine whether traffic-calming measures would make sense in those areas.

In 2017, we are studying the following three streets:

  • Daimler Drive
  • Fallowfield Drive
  • Max Becker Drive

Traffic-calming study process

With every street we study, we consider several factors, including:

  • traffic volumes and operating speeds along street(s)
  • collision history
  • adjacent land use
  • impacts on emergency services
  • transit stops
  • other road amenities
  • Once we've collected all of the data, we:
  • Conduct public meetings with the affected residents;
  • Confirm and outline the existing traffic conditions;
  • Develop a set of design options we believe will address the traffic issues, and present them to the public -- including a recommended option;
  • Ensure affected residents are in support of recommended traffic-calming measures before implementation; and
  • Conduct a follow-up review of any implemented measures to ensure their effectiveness and neighbourhood satisfaction.


Ongoing traffic-calming studies

 2017 reviews

 Daimler Drive

  • Public information centre #2 for Daimler Drive was held on December 6, 2017. Preferred options for traffic calming were presented and discussed. Please submit any comments to Steven Ryder by January 12, 2018. the questionnaire found in the information package (link below) can be used to help guide your feedback.
  • Public information centre #2 package (December 6, 2017)
  • Public information centre #2 presentation (December 6, 2017)
  • Public information centre #1 package (May 16, 2017)
  • For more information, please contact Steven Ryder at 519-741-2200, ext. 7152.

Fallowfield Drive

 Max Becker Drive


 2016 reviews

Sims Estate Drive


  2015 reviews
 Parkvale Drive


Past traffic-calming studies

2016 reviews

David Bergey Drive

Doon Mills Drive

2015 reviews

Rittenhouse Road

Zeller Drive

Neighbourhood initiatives

Traffic-calming measures led by neighbours, such as painted crosswalks and intersections, are one of the highest priorities for our #lovemyhood neighbourhood strategy.

We work closely with neighbourhoods to implement creative approaches to slow down drivers along their streets.

An excellent example of this collaborative approach is our city's first community roadway mural, painted at the intersection of Wilhelm and Ahrens streets.

Designed and painted entirely by the surrounding community, the mural was piloted in 2015 as an option to calm traffic. Watch the following video to see how this innovative, inspiring neighbourhood project unfolded.



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