If you're either deaf, deafened, hard-of-hearing or speech-impaired, and you have questions or concerns about your city services - don't hesitate to give us a call.

In an effort to enhance our customer service, we've replaced our former TTY (text telephone) system with Textnet - new software that enables people in need of this type of support to easily connect and communicate with us.

With Textnet, you can continue to use your familiar TTY communication device; however, the system will now convert the communication to a pop-up text message that appears on your computer screen - essentially creating an online conversation.

Several staff members across the city - and within our corporate contact centre - have been trained to use Textnet technology. Incoming calls can be easily redirected to our internal users - and conference calls can be conducted if required, enabling communication among several users at once.

You can access our Textnet service by calling 1-866-969-9994

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